Irina Arsentieva, Russia, Moscow, Women's World Assembly, President

International and local peace-making projects:
- human rights and political work for justice
- gender-specific violence and discrimination

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Address: Smolensky Passage, Smolenskaya square, 3, Moscow, Russia, 121099

Credo: "All your dreams come true - everything is possible if to say "yes" to life".

I. Biography:

Irina Arsentieva_

Place and Date of Birth: Krasnodar, 1958

Education: Kuban State University, Academy of Geno-physics and psycho-genetics, Russian Academy of State Service by the President of RF. Doctor of philology, psycho-geneticist, specialist in international relations.

Activity: Programs Director of International Conference Center: educational and healthy programs for Russian specialists all over the world; President of Women's World Assembly, President of Moscow BPW (International Federation of Business and Professional Women): seminars and consultations in psycho-genetics, problems of gender-specific violence and discrimination; job placement; Parents' School; Bible classes etc.

II. History:

Irina came to visit Moscow House of Children's Creativity with the greatest joy and enthusiasm. Many years ago she was a President of International Friendship Club of Krasnodar House of Pioneers. She was shown the most attracting good-looking corners, rooms, halls. By the end of her visit she was offered to see a library in a basement. She agreed. And then it happened: one of the most exiting moments of her life which turned, changed her calm comfortable stream of life, plans and intentions...

There appeared pages, which had been written by children from 26 countries for fifteen years !!! There were more than 5000 pages of children's revelations, confessions, joy, hopes, alarm and troubles, with desperate appeal for help. There were appeals to presidents, military men, all people to stop wars, to fight and eliminate drug addiction, homelessness, to observe Convention of children's rights, to do anything to make our world more happy, kind and joyful.

Young authors conveyed their innermost thoughts and supplications, dreams and fantasy in pictures, photos, songs, poems. These pages were like living creatures: they breathed, burnt hands and exited!

What to do to make all those passionate appeals of sincere pure young souls be heard and pages to be seen??.. Irina, come on! Bring them upward, now! from that basement to light, to people! For fifteen years you, dear pages, have been languished in captivity, like in prison, covered with dust! Now your hour has come! Come on! The world will see and hear you!

Publishing house made luxurious edition of the first children's "Book of Peace" in a flash.

Library of the United Nations

In three months after publication The Book of Peace was presented to the General Secretary of the UN Kofi Annan at 47th Session of UN on the Status of Women by by the delegation of Women's World Assembly in March 2003, New-York, USA.

Now it is kept in Dag Hammarskjold Library.


Elen Christonikos, Collection Coordinator of UN Library and delegates of Women's World Assembly.

_ The Pope of Rome Paul Ioann II

The 1st children's Book of Peace was also presented to the Pope of Rome Paul Ioann II at the grand solemn reception of Russian ambassadors, missionaries of Peace in Vatican.

The world said "yes" to important noble project - the Book of Peace. People support and promote it at all levels of society...

And everything began there, in the basement, from which children's appeals and supplications passionately longed to be free. They inspired Irina to sustainable and long-term peace-making activity.

III. Context:

Irina was born in Krasnodar, where people of more than 200 nationalities lived. In her childhood and student years Irina lived and traveled in the Northern and Southern Caucasus a lot. Hospitality, generosity, abundance, breadth of soul, mutual understanding and support, beauty and nobleness of customs and traditions of numerous nations, nationalities, ethnic groups, living in fabulous beautiful places of the South of the great country, the USSR, struck Irina's imagination and remained in her heart forever.

What happened later? Why? What reasons? How to bring peace to this luxuriant paradise corner of the planet? to remarkable talented people, for whom honor and dignity have been always on the first place? How to make all people happy and joyful? How to make our planet to be a flourishing paradise garden? - all these questions motivated Irina's activity for her whole life.